Stand Back
Secret Life

Review “Tiger” –
Logikmtr – Hopewell Junctio, New York [flag] May 7th, 2007
Strong and talented
Good production. Drums are open sounding, and well defined.
Vocals are present, and sit well in the mix. Guitars have great clarity when needed. Bass is well controlled and fat sounding.
Performance: The vocals are strong and well controlled- definately a strength of this song. Backup vocals add strength and re-enforcement to the peaks of the song. The guitar player has a knack for creating interesting AND fitting parts for the content. Different guitar tones throughout the song help define the structure, mood, and flow of this peice. The bass is both solid and tasteful, providing a strong melodic backbone and pulse. The drumming is great. Spot-on rhythms, and cool fills between different parts. The keyboards are energetic and essential for this sound. Overall, great instrumental flare (show the kids how it’s done!), good pacing and arrangement, and catchy hooks. However, some sounds on this recording might sound dated. The vocals, organ and slapback-delayed/chorused guitar have many characteristics of an 80’s Don Henly-sounding song.. and that strictly tonally speaking. Try adding more dramatic vocal harmonies, also! Vocals are one of your strengths!!

Review “Secret Life” –
UltimaHQ – Smederevo, Serbia, Yugoslavia [flag] January 23rd, 2007
Mature and fu***g great! 🙂
When I’ve heard those first bars I made a smile on my face… “Oh yeah baby! Back in 80’s! Bring back that groove :)”
And there goes that guitar lick – very experienced and well played… No need for over-expressing… And the vocal… Perfect, sweet, soft but hell-like controlled! Okay, 50secs passed – I’ll stop it now 🙂 No need to listen it further really! 🙂 Just kidding – there goes a chorus… oh my… really great change to minor – I believe that it has some conection with lyrics 🙂 This is one of the songs where experience of the guys can be heard in every single note and this is what makes differences between guys that are learning to compose and those that did learn no matter what production is (too bad it’s not a little bit more modern and perhaps more hi-gain guitar for my metalhead taste)
Really guys and those who read this… I really don’t know what else to write about this song as I cannot say anything other than possitive possitive and possitive! Give it a try and search this band all over! I will definetly search for you and if you’re work is all like this (and I don’t doubt it is) you have another fan! This is the best song I’ve heard on for now! 🙂

Review “If” –
Dupre – Nevada City, California [flag] December 6th, 2006

Heavens to Mergatroid
Very dramatic intro. A bit thin on the guitar tone, but beautiful. Excellent voice and singing. Strong piano playing. Outstanding production. Bass tone rocks. Amazing composition. The singing is stupendous. Guitar solo, yowzuh! You guys are the real deal. Gads, everything is in it’s place perfectly, and I got chills up my spine, good sign. I’ll be suprised if this song doesn’t dominate the charts for a bit. Will certainly add this one to my playlist. Fine, very fine.

3 reacties

  1. Dit klinkt zeer goed zeg.Zorg dat je in het voorprogramma van Toto kan komen,dat zou fantastisch zijn.Echt supper.

    Groetjes Jan

  2. Gaaf man en ja………ik moet zeker aan Toto en Yes denken. Niets mis mee dacht ik zo.
    Ik help hopen dat de nieuwe cd gaat lopen en ben benieuwd naar meer. Moet er zelf dan ook maar 1 gaan regelen en (hahahaha)waren jullie nou nog op zoek naar een gitarist?

    Laat maar weten.

    Gr Duncan

  3. wat een geweldige stem zeg… en natuurlijk ook geweldige muziek. Vanavond gaan wij van ze genieten in overschie……

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